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Interior & architectural design company

About Atelier ONE

Since its inception in 2011, Atelier One L.L.C , based in Dubai and Turkey, has provided an interior , architectural design, fit-out and turnkey solutions that meet the best standards in the region and apply it 100% in final products to fit your own spaces. Whatever your space is we can start from scratch to create a special ambiance and always meeting your expectations: privet Villa, yacht, apartment, office, retail, expiation stand, TV decoration seats and we are always ready to create the best solutions suiting your budget with high added value in each part of your project. We have a high profile team of Engineers, Designers, contractor seeking for hand over each project in the highest qualifications to keep our client always satisfied.

Our Vision

From here we start our story form ATELIER ONE in
Aleppo university faculty of architecture and based
on 15 years of experience in many types of projects in
Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Our Mission

Is to provide our client's with an outstanding product
that would help represent them and their projects in
a positive, creative and thought provoking way.


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    No. 1861, Tamani Arts Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE


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